January Newsletter

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          January, 2017



Dear Parents,

Happy New Year 2017!!!!   We are looking forward to a joyful year to be shared with friends and loved ones and those we’ve yet to meet!

January 5                      Fairfield Historical Society for the Extended Day students

January 10                    Barbara Callahan – Parenting series begins at 9:00am

January 12                    Acting Out! with Miss Karen – in-house field trip

January 16                    Martin Luther King Day – no school

January 18                    Free Ice Skating @ the Fairfield Ice Academy  12:45-1:15pm

January 26                    *Montessori Matters* – The Third Year of Montessori Education 9:00am


*NEW EMAIL!*      The Hunt Ridge Montessori School has a new G Mail account.   Please update once again as it is:        huntridgemontessorischool@gmail.com


What is a Museum?

The Fairfield Historical Society will be bring a delightful program and hands-on demonstration of the Native American lifeways.  The in-house field trip is for the Extended Day children and will take place at 1:00pm.


Barbara Callahan – Parenting Seminar   –  January 10 at 9:00am   

Please join us for a wonderful new seminar presented by Barbara Callahan.  Setting Family Goals for the New Year!   This will take place at school and all parents are invited to attend at 9:00 am.


Acting Out!  With Miss Karen –  January 12th

Miss Karen will bring her fun-filled acting program to Hunt Ridge for an in-house field trip.  The children always have so much fun with Miss Karen and her treasure chest of costumes!   This program that will involve all the children in a play that they will enjoy!


Martin Luther King Day

Dr. Martin Luther King Day is on Monday, January 16th.  There will be no school this day.


* MONTESSORI MATTERS *      The Amazing Third Year of Montessori Education !

We begin our New Year with a wonderful opportunity for parents.  Our teachers will be presenting information about the different areas of a Montessori classroom.

The Third Year curriculum, will be presented on Thursday, January 19th  at 9:00am.

Please join us and learn more about the Montessori program that you have chosen for your child!

You’ll have the opportunity to ask all the questions you have wondered about……

New Year’s Resolution!

If your New Year’s Resolution includes Hunt Ridge Montessori School, please know that we would love to have you here!   Perhaps you can team up with another parent and cook, do a craft project or listen to the children read!  This and so much more can be arranged through your class room mother or right through the office! We would love your help and your child would love to have you here too!  Now that we have enjoyed the holidays, come and enjoy the peace and quiet at Hunt Ridge!

*FLU Vaccination

The Flu Vaccination is required by The State of Connecticut.

All 3 and 4 year old children who are attending school must have record of having the flu vaccination on file in order to attend school.  If you have not submitted a note from the doctor reflecting the date your child had the flu vaccination, please do so now.  All records will be updated this week.  Please be current on your child’s immunizations.  Their attendance depends on it!


Winter Snow Advisory

When we have snow or icy weather, please listen to the local radio or TV stations for school delays or closings.  We follow the Fairfield Public Schools decision.  The other option is to call:

(203)    255-TALK.

This phone number provides school delays and/or closing information for Fairfield Public Schools.


*If there is a delay, The Hunt Ridge Montessori School will open at 10:00am.*


Snow Gear

Don’t you just love this weather! We will gladly take the children outside for some fresh air and exercise, when the weather permits.  Please send your child to school every day with pants, boots, a hat and mittens so he/she  may join the rest of the class outdoors.  *kindly take two minutes to label their clothing.  Thanks!


Read, Read, Read

Many children have begun to read.  The more opportunities they have to read to you at home or at school, the better.  If you have some time to come to school and listen to the children read, that would be wonderful!  Please check in at the office and let me know if you are available.



Our best wishes to you for a spectacular New Year 2017!