May Newsletter

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May, 2017


Dear Parents,


Welcome to May! Spring has finally come to Connecticut!  There are many items on the agenda before the end of the year, so please make note of them!



May 4                Egg Hunt – 11:30am   all students


May 4                Fire House Field Trip – Extended Day Students


May 5                Tie-Dying –   all T-Shirts due at school


May 12              Tennis Round- Robin – Extended Day students


May 24              Art Fair – 9:00am-12:00 noon


May 29              Memorial Day – no school


May 30              Suzuki Piano Recital – 10:00am


June 2               *Graduation – Extended Day – 12:00 noon


June 6               NO SCHOOL – Special Election in the Town of Fairfield


June 7               Last Day of School and Picnic Lunch at 11:00 a.m.

Egg Hunt –    May 4   11:30am   *Please bring your camera!



Please send a white T-shirt to school with your child by May 5th.  Kindly write their name on the label in permanent ink so it will show up after it has been tie-dyed.  We will do tie-dying on a sunny, warm day soon thereafter.


Art Fair Day

The Art Fair will be held on Wednesday, May 24th.  * We will need many parents to help us on this day.*

If you have the time, we would love your help!  This is a day when we set up several “Art Stations” in the gym.  All of the children will have the opportunity to construct a craft at each “station.”  If you have a clever idea for one of the stations please let us know, as we would love to make it a part of the day.  If you are able to join us, please sign up in the office.  Is anyone available to do “Face Painting” with the children?  We would love to have 2 moms help us with this!


Memorial Day

There will be no school on Monday, May 29th.


Suzuki Piano Recital

All families are invited to the Suzuki Piano recital on Tuesday, May 30th, at 10:00 a.m. The children who have been taking Suzuki piano lessons throughout the year with Mrs. Maurya Brown will be playing their finest pieces.  The children in Group Piano will perform as well!!!   A reception will be held immediately following.  We hope that you will attend!



There is a Special Election that is being held in the Town of Fairfield for a Republican Seat that was vacated in December, 2016.  There is Voting that takes place in our School Building therefore, we are not able to have school on this day-for the safety of the children and teachers of Hunt Ridge Montessori School


Last Day & Picnic Lunch

The last day of school will be Wednesday, June 7th.  All children will come to school for a two hour session.  The morning classes will meet from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00a.m.  There will be a picnic for all families beginning at 11:00 a.m.  Please bring your blanket and a picnic lunch for your family.  See you there!



Would you like to join?   A Facebook Group page for current parents is being organized as we speak.   If you would like to be included, kindly let us know in the office or request to join our group Hunt Ridge Montessori Parents.


*Health Reminder:

The State of Connecticut has issued regulations regarding good health and well-being in our schools.

We would like to keep everyone healthy while they are here. Please keep in mind that we have a few parents with suppressed immune systems.  Keeping everyone healthy is so important for all of us.


Fever:   24 hours fever free – no meds

Stomach Virus:  24 hours of keeping food down before returning.

Pink Eye: Conjunctivitis:   48 hours on medication prior to returning

Strep/Impetigo:  Please call the office immediately to notify.

Head Injuries:  Please know that for your child’s safety, I will need a doctor’s note from your child’s doctor

upon their return to school.

We are required to report Communicable Diseases to the Health Department.  Please let me know of any Communicable Disease that your child may have.  This may be done by a phone call to the office or by sending an email to the school.


Communicable Diseases which are to be reported are:


-Bronchitis                          -Chicken Pox                               -Conjunctivitis

-Coxsackie virus                  – Croup                                       – Fifth Disease

-Flu                                        -G.I Virus                                    -Head Lice

-Impetigo                            -Lyme Disease                              -Norovirus

-Pneumonia                         -Ringworm                                   -Strep


Many Thanks   

Thank you all for a most wonderful year.  We are very grateful to you, your family support and our terrific staff.  A very special thanks to Leslie Brander, Maurya Brown, Michelle Caserta, Jill Hedman, Jennifer Hios,

Maryse Jolicoeur, Kate McTague, Ellen O’Connor, Christine Sargeant, Elizabeth Stern,

Rachel Thornton and Suzy van Hulst!  A big thanks to all the parents who gave their time to listen to the children read, chaperoned our field trips and helped escort the children at carpool drop-off each morning.  We appreciate your help so much! We send our happiest wishes for your best summer ever!


Our brightest blazes of gladness

Are often linked by unexpected sparks.

-Samuel Johnson


Happy, happy Summer!   May it be a special time for you and your family!