December Newsletter

December, 2016

Dear Parents,


Here come the holidays!  It is such a festive time of year….and a busy one too!

December 1 Montessori Matters – The Sensorial Materials  9:00am

December 5            Ornament orders due!

December 5            Gingerbread House construction – 9:00am

December 6            Barbara Callahan – Managing the Holidays!

December 8            Lunch Bunch Ice Skating field trip

December 21           Holiday Recital at 11:00am-12:00 noon dismissal for all

Dec. 22-Jan. 3        Holiday recess

January 3               School resumes


Thank YOU!

A big thank you to the many families who began their holiday shopping in the For Small Hands catalog and supported Hunt Ridge at the same time.  We are most appreciative and the children will be delighted.  An enormous “Thank you” goes to Michelle Caserta and Holly Calmus who gave their time to organize everyone’s orders.


*Montessori Matters* – The Sensorial Materials    Dec. 1    9:00am

All the beautiful and colorful materials that the children love to handle!   Please come and learn all about the Sensorial Materials that the children have the opportunity to use every day in their classroom.


Holiday Ornaments

Each child will have the opportunity to make a holiday ornament from Hands on Pottery.  All of the materials from Hands on Pottery will be brought to our school.  The cost for each ornament is $10.00.  If you would like your child to participate in this craft,

Please return the form to school by: Monday, December 5th.

** Gingerbread Houses !       Calling all Parents!   May we have your help to construct 60 Gingerbread Houses for the children?  If so, please join us on

Monday, December 5th at 9:00a.m.

Bring your coffee and best holiday music and join us in the gym!  Anyone who is interested, please stop by the office and sign up!  Thanks for your help!


Our School now has a NEW FACEBOOK page created by Gretchen Kenny. Thank you Gretchen!

It is:    The Hunt Ridge Montessori School

Please LIKE our page, follow us and share with your friends.  We also have a *NEW email address:


Barbara Callahan – December 6   9:15am

Please join us for an amazing Parenting Session, perfect for this season – Managing the Holidays!  Barbara Callahan will be happy to share her inspiring thoughts regarding the season ahead.


Holiday Baking !

We love when the parents are able to share their time cooking and doing crafts with their child’s class.  In order to ensure the availability of the kitchen, will you please sign up in the office if you wish to cook with your child’s class.  Thank you!  Happy baking!

*May we have the recipe beforehand?  There are children with food allergies and we would like to clear the recipe with their families.  Thank you!


* Flu Vaccine Required……  Does your child have their Flu Vaccine?

The State of Connecticut requires your child to be vaccinated for the flu before January 1, 2017.  We need documentation from your child’s doctor that states your child has been given the Flu vaccine this Fall, 2016.    Only the children who turn 5 years old before January 1, 2017, are exempt.  Please submit the documentation to the school office your child so your child may join us on January 3, 2017, when we reopen after the winter break.


Cold Weather?

We will be taking the children outside each day for some fresh air.  They love being outside!  Please send your child to school with a hat and gloves!  This will help to keep them warm while playing on the playground.


Once it begins to snow….don‘t forget to send their boots and snow pants!   We’ll take the time to get them  ”geared up” before we go outside.

Please take a minute to label all clothing.  Sharpies work well.


And…if it snows…….we follow the Fairfield Public School decision.  You may hear about this in many ways…the local radio stations, television: Channel 3, Channel 8 or Channel 12 news, or the direct phone line is:




*If Fairfield schools are DELAYED, we will open at 10:00am.

**If Fairfield School are closed, we are closed.


**Holiday Songs & Gathering!

Your child and their class will joyfully sing a song or two to get us in the holiday spirit! Please join us on Wednesday, December 21st at 11:00am in our school gym.  Following the recital, there will be a holiday gathering in each classroom.

What about the Party????         The room mothers will be asking for some light snacks for the children.  If you would like to contribute, please let your room mother know.

The recital will begin at 11:00 am.  All the children will be dismissed at 12:00 noon.


Phonetic Readers

We restocked our Phonetic Readers at the beginning of the school year and the supply is getting low.  Please check your bookshelves, backpacks and any other hiding places (maybe your back seat?) and return them to school so other children may have a chance to read them.  Beginning December 1st, we will not be sending home any more Phonetic Readers.  We’ll see how the returns come in and reevaluate the procedure in the New Year!   Let’s hope for the best!


School will resume on Tuesday, January 3, 2017!!